About Us


What is Canhead Cares Network

Throughout the years, Canhead Cares Network has evolved and changed with the times, but our main goal has always been on raising awareness on social justice issues and local advocacy needs that we hold dear to our hearts.

We have worked with several non-profit organizations, local business owners, community project leaders as well as numerous super talented artists from all walks of life and all crafts!

Our plan is to expanding even further by developing Canhead Cares Network, a new blogging platform aimed at raising awareness, highlight new and innovative products while promoting civic engagement.

We plan on pooling all of the collective talent that has always been a part of Canhead framework to bring original content and entertainment to our blog readers.

Our reviews and previews will be something to keep your eye on, as we will be offering great products for our shoppers.


Next Steps…

In the meantime, we hope to continue to bring you everything from news, reviews, interviews, concert info, exclusive content, local independent artist and entrepreneurs and anything else we find, fit to print online!

Stay tuned for more really really goodness here at Canhead and thank you for reading.

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